What is the Dewachan Buddhist Centre?

Dewachan Buddhist Centre (DBC) an initiative of group of individual Buddhists from Nepal. It is a follower of a non-sectarian movement of Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, with the objective of seeking knowledge and teachings from all lineage holders of Nyingmapa, Kagyuepa, Sakyapa and Gelukpa tradition of Trans-Himalayan Buddhism and Tibet. In addition to the traditional teachings, DBC will quote from non-Vajrayana tradition including Dhammapadam, teachers from Zen masters, Shunryu, etc. It will serve as a centre for seekers of non-sectarian Buddhist teachings and practices of Vajrayana tradition. It will serve the needs of Buddhist rituals including birth, wedding, and death for Trans-Himalayan people and others. Once the centre has opened, it will provide daily prayer sessions, different types of Buddhist meditations, Yoga, retreats of Nyungne (silent fasting), recitation of Mantras conducted by our resident Lama, as well as special visits by renowned masters of different traditions.

About Lama Rinchhen:

Lama Dharam Gurung, now Lama Rinchhen, is the founder and has been the spiritual Lama of the Dewachan Buddhist Centre (DBC) since its establishment in 2011. Lama Rinchhen’s full name is Rinchhen Dhorje Lingpa. From the Nyingmapa tradition, the name means ““world’s knight with a shining jewelled vajra.” Derived from an ancestral tradition of unbroken lineage, the name has hundreds of years of spiritual history behind it.

Lama Rinchhen inherited a traditional Buddhist education from his own father Belchan Gurung (Buddhist name, Ngima Duichan) and Lama Dhan Prasad Gurung (Buddhist name, Chhering Chhephel). Belchan Gurung is the lineage holder of successive Tantric practitioners. Lama Rinchhen later studied Buddhism under various Lamas of Tiubetan and Sherpa descent. During further studies, he also learned and gained knowledge from Lama Palden Yonjan Tamang, Lama Dorje Gurung, Lama Padam Pakhrin Tamang, Lama Naina Singh Gurung and many others. Toward the end of his studies, he met Lama Ratna Chhewang (Gyalchhen Sherpa). He successfully passed “Rinchhen Terjot” (Ratna Nidhi Kosh) to achieve the high seat of Lama (Lama Thiden) with certification (Lami Thobik). He also studied and meditated at Kunga Dorje Sangag Terling Monastery in Pokhara, Nepal.

By the blessing of Lord Buddha, Lama Rinchhen has excelled in wisdom, and can therefore perform all the tasks from birth to even after death, for every life. He can also perform astrology (herkor), cures (jharphuk), and tantric biddhya (bajrayana). He has been successful in maintaining the happiness and satisfaction of his followers (jhinda). By taking the positive and righteous path, Lama Rinchhen has constantly moved forward with the wellbeing of every living soul in mind, through sharing the beliefs and messages of the Buddha. Lama Rinchhen is currently serving as the Buddhist Chaplain of West Middlesex Hospital.

What will the DBC provide to the community?

DBC’s goals are:

  • To promote religious or racial harmony through the provision of Buddhist seminars, emotional, and physical classes i.e. Yoga and Meditation activities
  • To promote health and wellbeing through the provision of leisure facilities and support to community members
  • To promote citizenship and community development
  • To relieve poverty, sickness, and financial hardship of our community members and people in need.

It has been Lama Rinchhen’s dream to officially manage Dewachan Buddhist Centre. Having seen Lama Rinchhen’s hard work, dedication, and his commitments to various communities around the country, many followers of Buddhist ideology assembled in Hounslow in order to make that dream come true.

An executive committee led by Mr Udaibahadur Gurung MBE was created on 22 nd November, 2015. There have been three meetings to foster the growth of the DBC, which have resulted in electing an Executive Committee of 50 elected personnel including Trustees, Advisers, and Committee Members. A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Constitution has been drafted with additional policies and procedures to supplement CIO Constitution. The members have already managed to put ten trustees through a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check. Receiving their DBS certificates will allow us to work with children and vulnerable adults, including those with disabilities. The inauguration ceremony was held on May 2016 coinciding with 2560 th Birthday of lord Gautam Buddha. The Dewachan Buddhist Centre is now registered with Charity Commission on 5 July 2016 and its Registered Charity Number 1168003.

When can I join the DBC?

You can join the DBC at any time just click on to www.dewachanbc.org.uk and it will provide information regarding all events and activities to be held at the centre and joining instructions.

Welcome aboard and looking forward to serving the communities living in and around London, and various cities in England and people of all background and all walks of life. We will be performing religious ceremonies and rituals for Buddhists whether they are Trans-Himalayan, native British or of any other nationality.

These will include birth, wedding and funeral services or, as they say in the Church of England Hatch, match and dispatch’’. There will be daily prayer sessions, different types of Buddhist meditations as well as Yoga, retreats of Nyungne, or silent fasting and recitation of mantras conducted by our resident Lama, as well as special visits by renowned masters of different traditions.

Dewachan Buddhist Centre is also centre of non-sectarian Buddhist teachings, bringing the Buddhist message of peace and harmony to people of all backgrounds. The centre will also promote religious and racial harmony through Buddhist seminars, Yoga and meditation as well as promoting citizenship and community development and doing all we can to relieve poverty, sickness, and financial hardship of our community members and people in need.